Recommended items to purchase for a smooth transition to home:


Your kitten's current diet includes both wet and dry food. You'll receive a small bag of dry food to get started. If you decide to change their food, do it gradually over a week to avoid intestinal issues. Our recommendation is to slowly transition your kitten to the new food by incorporating increasing amounts of the new food each day until the kitten is fully eating the new food. 

Dry Food

We give our kittens unlimited access to dry food. We are currently using Purina Healthy Kitten Formula.

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Wet Food

We feed wet food twice a day morning and night. Here are some of their favorite flavors.

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Wet Food

All of our Ocicats also agree that Grilled Chicken is one of their favorite flavor.


Our cats enjoy Freeze-dried chicken treats, such as Instinct Rawboost Mixers
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Pet Insurance

We highly recommend that you acquire pet insurance for your new kitten. In the first 2 to 3 years of life, kittens are exploring and learning. Pet insurance can covers up to 90% of Vet Bills. They covers everything that matters including injuries, Illnesses, genetic conditions, and emergency care. This allows you to provide the best care without bills being an obstacle.


Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is the #1 rated insurance company for pets.

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We currently use Fresh News Litter (original pellet). It is recommended for its low dust, minimal tracking, and hygienic properties.


How to use paper litter:

Using recycled paper litter is a little different than using clumping litter. To start out, put about 2 inches of litter in the box. After day one, scoop solids and remove any corner that looks wet (pellets will be swollen) Cats usually go in the same corner so it is easy to identify. On day 2 dump the entire box and start over.


If you already have other cats using a different product, it is ok to transition your new kitten to your current litter. We recommend that you purchase a small bag of Fresh News and put a thin layer on top of your litter to help your kitten adjust to the new litter.

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Litter Robot Self Cleaning Litter Box

For convenience, consider a litter robot and never have to scoop again. The patented sifting process automatically separates your cat's waste from the clean litter.

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Soft Claws

We do not recommend declawing cats.  Not only are the nails removed, but a significant part of the finger tip is amputated in the process. Instead of declawing, Soft Claws Nail Caps are suggested as a more humane alternative. These soft clear rubber tips can be glued over your kitten's nails to prevent scratching.

Soft Claws Nail Caps

Nail Clippers

Regular nail trimming is needed for kittens, approximately once a week. It is usually a two person job. One person holds the kitten, while the other clips. A high-quality and affordable pair of nail clippers is recommended.

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Heated Cat Bed

We highly recommend acquiring a heated cat bed for your Ocicat kitten, particularly if they will be coming home during the winter season. We use heated beds here, so they are accustomed to having a cozy place to curl up and nap.

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Cat Trees

Armarkat cat trees are known for their solid wood construction and premium carpeting. Additionally, there are replacement parts are available on many of the models.

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Options for Allergy Sufferers

Honeywell HEPA Filter

For those who have cat allergies, HEPA filters can enhance air quality by eliminating airborne dander particles.

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Allerpet Cat Dander Remover

Allerpet Cat Dander Remover

This product helps reduce allergens produced by your cat. All you need to do is moisten the provided cloth and then gently wipe down your cats fur.

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Dyson HEPA Filter Cordless Vacuum

This lightweight cordless vacuum comes equipped with a HEPA filter designed to capture dander particles and prevents them from being re-circulated into the air.

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