Ocicat Breed Information


Ocicats are captivating domestic cats known for their striking spotted coat patterns, and contrary to their wild appearance, they possess no wild bloodline.


The breed's origin traces back to 1964 when Virginia Daily embarked on a breeding project that involved Abyssinians, Siamese. Later, American Shorthair cats were also added to the breed, which expanded the range of available colors. Following their introduction, the Ocicat swiftly gained recognition and was officially acknowledged by the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) in 1966.


Ocicats are characterized by a short, sleek coat that requires no special grooming. Their distinctive coats come in a diverse array of colors, including:

* Tawny: Black spots on a tan undercoat.

* Ebony Silver: Black spots on a silver undercoat.

* Chocolate: Brown spots on a pale brown undercoat.

* Chocolate Silver: Brown spots on a silver undercoat.

* Blue: Blue spots on a pale gray undercoat.

* Blue Silver: Blue spots on a silver undercoat.

* Cinnamon: Cinnamon spots on a lighter cinnamon undercoat.

* Cinnamon Silver: Cinnamon spots on a silver undercoat.

* Lavender: Lavender spots on an oatmeal undercoat.

* Lavender Silver: Lavender spots on a silver undercoat.

* Fawn: Fawn spots on an oatmeal undercoat.

* Fawn Silver: Fawn spots on a silver undercoat.



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Ocicats are known for their high energy, well-defined musculature, and athletic prowess. They enthusiastically engage in play, often displaying an unending enthusiasm for fetching toys. Their strong prey drive makes them excellent mousers, and they thoroughly enjoy chasing after a variety of toys.


These felines exhibit remarkable intelligence, and readily learn new tricks. They've been known to showcase their cleverness by opening cabinet doors in search of treats. With proper training, they can be taught to walk on a leash and perform tricks using a clicker.


Ocicats are exceptional family pets. They possess a temperament reminiscent of dogs and hold unwavering devotion to their human families. Their loving personalities make them well-suited for households with children, and they easily integrate into homes with other family pets, including dogs. These qualities make Ocicats a wonderful addition to any family.