Cosmic Spots Ocicats on Animal Planet Cats 101

CATS 101

Cats 101 is a documentary series that educates audiences about various cat breeds. It is a fun crash course in all things cats!  Our cats and kittens were featured in the episode dedicated to the Ocicat breed.

Cosmic Spots Ocicats on Animal Planet Too Cute

Too Cute

Our cats had the honor of being showcased on Animal Planet's series "Too Cute." Over the course of 12 weeks, Animal Planet documented the growth and development of one of our litters, tracking them from birth to adoption. Our episode is aptly titled "Jungle Kitties & Baby Skunks."

Cosmic Spots Ocicats on Animal Planet with Jarod Millar

 Jarod Miller from Animal Planet

Cosmic Spots Peaty had a memorable photo shoot alongside Jarod Miller from Animal Planet.