Here's a simple guide on how to place a deposit:

Selections from litters occur in the order that deposits are received, so placing an early deposit assures you that you have the best chance of getting the color gender combination that you are hoping for. Because we take advance deposits, most of our kittens are spoken for even before they are born.

We offer the convenience of Zelle for your deposit needs. Zelle is not only fast and secure but also incredibly user-friendly, making your transaction hassle-free. It's likely available through your own trusted bank, accessible right from your banking app.

When you're ready to make your deposit, simply use our email address, as the recipient's username on Zelle. Your deposit amount is $500. Deposits are fully refundable until you choose your kitten. Only after you've made your selection, does the deposit becomes non-refundable. Please include your email and phone number in the note section of your payment.

Rest assured, once your deposit is received, we'll promptly notify you.
We look forward to helping you select the perfect kitten!