Sample Sales Contract For Cosmic Spots Ocicats
If you are currently adopting, you do not need to complete this contract. Once your kitten is reserved, a contract will be emailed to you that contains all of the information specific to your kitten.

Cat or Kitten Purchase Agreement

This Cat/Kitten Purchase Agreement is between the Sellers and the Purchaser listed below.

Cat or Kitten Date of birth: _________________            Gender: Male Female


Kitten Color:

Chocolate Tawny Cinnamon AOV Ebony Ghost Spot Solid

Chocolate Silver Ebony Silver Cinnamon Silver AOV Ebony Ghost Spot Smoke

Lavender Blue Fawn
Lavender Silver Blue Silver Fawn Silver



Price:                     $________ USD
Deposit:               -$________ USD
Final Payment: $________ USD to be paid in full upon pickup in cash.

The litter has been registered with the Cat Fancier's Association (CFA).  The CFA's  application with instructions for "registration of a kitten of a registered litter" is included and must be mailed by the purchaser with the appropriate registration fee.

Conditions of this Agreement


Health Guarantee

As the Purchaser, I accept this contract and agree to abide by the terms thereof.  I understand that this contract contains terms that may constitute co-ownership.

Dated this        day of                                   2014 in Media, Pennsylvania.


Seller: Anthony Allen________________________

Purchaser:________________________________            ______________________________

  (signed)                                       (print clearly)