Cosmic Spots Ocicats Delivery Service


We offer both ground and air transportation.


We provide a delivery service by Air Courier to most major airports across the continental United States. Our courier personally accompanies the kittens during transport and the kittens are seated with the courier in the passenger compartment of the plane. The cost of air transport typically ranges from approximately $650 to $850 for couriers flying standby, and $750 to $1200 for couriers traveling on a pre purchased ticket. Destinations on the west coast are at the higher end of the price range due to our location being on the east coast.


We also offer ground transport services to locations such as New York City, Washington DC, and the surrounding areas. Ground service is available within a radius of approximately 3 hours from our physical location. Our courier will personally deliver the kittens directly to your home. The pricing for ground transport varies based on the distance and typically falls within the range of $550 to $650. Feel free to contact us via phone or email for a specific price quote based on your location.